About us

Vad är Etcetera?

Etcetera is an IT service provider situated in the south west archipelago outside the city of Turku

Etcetera provides a Web hotel for Your web sites and a secure and spam/virus-free email. We are also a domain name registrar.

Etcetera  is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who takes care of your IT infra, making us your IT department.

Etcetera  represents and supports selected IT infrastructure services that, according to our motto, makes our digital everyday better.

Etecetera Networks  strongly supports a sustainable development of our common home, the earth. There is much to do regenerating from decades of misuse.  As a start we contribute towards saving our Baltic Sea.

Etcetera’s website runs 100% on solar power. The server building’s walls and roof are covered by solar panels. An appropriate battery bank keeps the servers running when the sun don’t. As an extra backup there’s hydro power available. (have not been needed so far).